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Green Civil Construction stands out with its highly experienced team, widely recognized for their accommodating and innovative approach. Our dedicated professionals consistently prioritize cost-effective and responsive adjustments to align with the client's vision. We maintain a strong engagement with the client throughout every phase, from planning and deployment to construction and follow-ups, ensuring the successful delivery of every project. At Green Civil Construction, we embrace a philosophy of continuous innovation and employ concise work methods, enabling our team to tackle ventures of any scale or complexity with confidence. Furthermore, drawing from our 15 years of industry experience, we are equipped to provide a range of additional complementary services.


  • Site clearance and remediation 

  • Resolving contamination conditions

  • Bulk excavation and filling in complex earthworks

  • Residential and Industrial Estates

  • Demolition of existing infrastructure 

  • Bridges

  • Retaining walls and Sound Barrier Fencing

  • Infrastructure Solutions

  • Piling and foundation systems

  • Multi-level structural basements 

  • Roads, Car parks, Curbs and channels 

  • Stormwater, sewage drainage, pits, and retention outfall systems

  • In association with Service Utilities for Gas, Electricity, Water, Fire services and Communications

  • Water Receptive designs including wetlands, spillways, stormwater retention systems and open channels

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